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(:Title Pan Modes and Pan Laws;)

Reaper offers different pan modes that affect how audio is treated when panned. There are four in total - one has been deprecated, one and two are covered in this course and the final one, dual pan, is briefly touched on here.

Dual pan works by allowing you to adjust the volumes of the left and right channels independently. Although the alt left and right arrow keys we use to adjust pan are insufficient to provide us this control, when you have this mode selected, separate volume controls for each channel appear in the routing dialogue for the track you want to pan and so dual pan can be accessibly managed that way.

Pan modes for your project can be adjusted from the advanced tab of project properties. Pan modes per track can be adjusted using SWS actions, for which no keyboard shortcut currently exists, but they can be found by searching in the actions list.

This [[|video tutorial on pan modes} served as my introduction to the subject.

Reaper also has different pan laws, which refer to the amount of gain applied as material is panned. The default settings work for me, so this concept isn't covered in lectures. However, for those that are interested, here is a video tutorial on pan law.

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