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The CCNA Discovery course is an entry level course that teaches hands-on practical skills that can be used for entry level computer support jobs. The course material is written and provided by Cisco, a leading provider of networking equipment.

Discovery 1 is taught by Brian Shaw. Class is held once a week and lasts for 2 hours. The next session of this course begins in February 2013. To figure out when the course is in your timezone, check the time zone calculator.

To pass this course, students are asked to complete written homework assignments as well as taking weekly exams on the Cisco website. The homework takes around an hour a week to complete. The course contains 9 modules, and all of the curriculum is provided to students on an easy to use site. Topics included in the course include:

  • Identifying various types of networks
  • Understanding how traffic moves through networks
  • Discussion of how data moves across the internet
  • Understanding the role of network adapters, hubs, switches, and routers
  • Understanding peer to peerr networks
  • Planning logical and physical local networks
  • A survey of network security issues
  • Coverage of wireless networking and working with infrared devices
  • Assigning IP addresses and subnetting parts of a network

Course Requirements

  • A computer running Windows XP or better
  • A fairly stable broadband internet connection to attend classes, take exams, and do homework assignments
  • A headset to use when participating in class
  • Microsoft Word or an equivalent to work with the written lab assignments
  • A crossover network cable for chapter 3 assignments, (You can find these on Amazon or at Radio Shack for around $15 to $20)
  • Skype must be installed to work one on one with an instructor
  • Ventrilo, a free voice chat client, to attend lectures and participate in classes
  • A browser and screenreader capable of handling Flash since our curriculum and exams are based on accessible Flash. This typically means either NVDA or JAWS used with IE or Firefox. (This won't work under Mac OS.)

Send any questions or comments about the course to This is also the address to which you should send completed assignments.


Note: This curriculum is flash based. You must have Flash installed to view it. Contact the instructor for the password required to access the curriculum.

Discovery Curriculum


Here are links to the course labs.

Discovery 1

Accessible, nongraphical format Graphical format

Task List

2012 Semester 1 Discovery 1 Task List

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