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Baking Basics

Students' Area

Here is the Baking Basics Students Area.

Welcome to a new cooking course from CAVI. In November, we will be offering a 5 week baking fundamentals course aimed at those who would like to become more comfortable working in the kitchen. Have you ever wanted to make dainties for the holidays, but haven't had the confidence or the know-how to do so? We can help.

Lectures will consist of recorded demonstrations as well as discussion on the practicalities of successful baking without sight. Areas of study may include the following, and/or any areas students may find useful.

  • Bread. Making bread from scratch, without a bread machine. Making quick breads and muffins.
  • Cookies and bars. Making drop cookies, E.G. Chocolate Chip cookies. Making roll-out cookies, such as Short Bread. And you can't discuss cookies and bars without talking about brownies ...
  • Baking cakes. Techniques for successful Cake making. Ideas here include black forest cake and cheese cake.
  • Pastries. We'll make a pie or two and possibly Cream Puffs.
  • What about baking without an oven? We'll talk about stove top and/or Icebox recipes, including Nanimo bars, macaroons and/or home made chocolate.

Topics for discussion may also include:

  • Kitchen Safety and Organization
  • Ingredient Substitutions
  • Finding and evaluating Recipes
  • What tools do you really need to make your baking successful

The course aims at teaching cooks how to move away from prepackaged foods and create delicious baked goods that taste better and are healthier than out-of-the box options, and are quick and easy to prepare.

Course Dates

The course will begin on November 10 in Perth, which is the evening of the 9th in North America. Click the link to see the time in your local area.


For pricing on this and our other courses, please see the Pricing and Fees page.

The price of the course includes:

  • Access to the live and recorded lecture
  • Access to notes
  • 2 months access to the instructor for course related questions.


To sign up for the course, send an email to caviinfo @ [without the spaces], or by letting us know via the contact form on

In your application form, please let us know of any special food requirements or considerations you'd like us to take into account when planning for course recipes and content.

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