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Hi, all. The answers to this assignment should all be in lecture audio or notes or, hopefully, in both, This is due two weeks after the end of class, or November 19th Perth time. Please do get in touch with us if you have any problems. This is meant merely to be a review of what we've done rather than a "test".

1: What is the order of keys on the left hand side of the spacebar?

2: What is the gesture to turn on Trackpad commander?

3: What model of mac are you running? Do you know the year? If you didn't, where could you go to find out?

4: Name two ways to turn on VoiceOver?

5: What is the keystroke to turn on Verbosity settings on the fly?

6: What are the keystrokes to copy and paste?

7: How does cursor movement when editing in OSX differ from that within Windows?

8: How do you move from open program to program?

9: What is the keystroke to interact?

10: Name two ways to get from the Documents folder in Finder to the Downloads folder.

11: Where would you go to change or add track pad commander gestures?

12: What do you have to be aware of when changing your sound output device in the sound preferences?

13: What is the hotkey to send a mail message in Apple Mail?

14: What is in the HTML view in Messages?

15: How do you search the iTunes store from within iTunes?

16: If you want to find the preferences for the application you are currently using, where canyou look?

17: What is the "Extras Menu"?

18: What do you have to do before you can make changes in most system preference pains??

19: What is the keystroke to open a context menu?

20: Name two ways to install an application on the Mac.

21: What is an advantage to having a numpad on your keyboard?

22: How do you mute/unmute speech from the trackpad?

23: How do you turn on Quick nav? What is an advantage of doing so?

24: What is the process of adding or changing a Keyboard Commander keystroke?

25: If you were planning to buy a new Mac, [or your first as the case may be], which one would you buy and why?

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Page last modified on November 05, 2015, at 04:47 AM