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What is this all about?

We are releasing our Audio courses to the community as a free resource.

Why are we doing this?

As we are no longer teaching this content we have 2 options open to us. either take the content off the market, or open it up to the community whilst it is still relevant. As things do change in Reaper on a regular basis, we thought it best to put this material out whilst it was still accurate.


We would like to thank our incredible group of Audio Instructors for the Thousands of hours of work that they put into these Amazing resources.

in no particular order:

  • Derek Lane
  • Jessica Silva
  • Hope Povenmire
  • Justin Macleod
  • Gianluca Apollaro
  • Kerry Hoath
  • Drew Mochak
  • Therese Martek


This material was last reviewed and checked for accuracy in Semester 1 of 2017. It was believed to be mostly accurate as of that date. Things can and do change, in the field of audio editing, and we provide the resources as-is without any warranties. Usually a long complex legal disclaimer would go here but allow us to keep it simple. If your projects break, or your dog runs away, or anything else strange happens as a result of using this information, we won't be held responsible. If it breaks you keep both pieces. we won't try to fix it even if we knew it was broken or someone told us it was broken; so basically we hope you find the information useful and we'll be simpathetic and sad if something doesn't work as we say it does with whatever has changed now. No person who works or has worked for us is under any obligation to provide any support of any kind for these resources.

What will these resources cost me?

We are making these resources free to the community at large. We do hope however that if you find these resources useful that you would consider making a donation to our organization to help us continue our work to educate blind students affordably all over the world. to make a donation please visit our website at

To find out more about our organization and the work we do please see our wiki at
There are other folks working in this space and you might want to check out their site at

What can I get and what is available?

Here is what we are offering for download and how to get it:

Goldwave course:

You can grab the audio for this course from the following link:
This includes the Audio Essentials module and the goldwave lectures: All the information you will need to become an expert with Goldwave.

You can get wiki notes for this course from

Reaper course:

You can fetch a zip of the audio for the Reaper course from
Wiki notes will be available soon from
This is our Audio Essentials module, and the complete Reaper training course teaching you all the basics skills to get you up and running as an intermediate Reaper user.

Advanced reaper:

Learn about all the advanced portions of reaper by grabbing this course archive.
Wiki notes will be available for this course from
!!!Music Composition with Reaper: Here is the Music Composition course that will teach you how to compose with Reaper. You can download the audio from here:

Wiki notes available from

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